Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coffee Time!

We're perkin' up the coffee and getting ready for a morning's delight at the Lavender Field for Feed a Smile. Two very talented musicians will be performing today - and I can hardly wait...

Absolutely amazing
- after 3 days of hard work and plenty of days of preparation beforehand - the Booyaka Dream Team raised 191,350 Lindens - which is equal to 1,913 meals for the kids in Kenya!!! To top it off, they don't want to stop there... They are already planning their next Feed a Smile event :)
Thank you - asante sana. You people - and all of your guests - rock!!!

There’s more at the door....

Thursday afternoon at the Lavender Field will be very special. Aminius, Lyric Serendipity, Dubhna and Twostep will be performing this 4-hour event. And Friday and Saturday will be totally different when the Tattooed 4 Food event begins at the LA sim. But more about that tomorrow....

Come - enjoy - and BE the difference!
The Lavender Field - Where events make sense - Feed a Smile Alison/107/224/23

Have a happy!

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