Monday, July 19, 2010

Fact and Figures :-)

555 different donors spent the total amount of L$ 332,239 which is atm US$ 1,240 for the Feed-a-Smile event.

So every donor donated L$598 on average

16 generous donators donated L$5,000 and more during the event

This means 3322 meals for the children in Kenya which in turn is 7 days of warm meals for all 466 children.

L$189,772 was donated via the donation boxes and the raffle at the venue

L$89,527 was donated by purchasing from the donation vendors of our sponsors

L$50,410 was donated at the U2 concert at Dragon moon sim

L$2,530 are from different donation boxes around the grid

For the raffle prize the dress had 12 tickets sell and for the bike had 14 tickets sell at L$100 per ticket.

We had 93 hours of live music at the venue, that is more then 10 hours every day

23 different DJs streamed 71 hours music

20 live singers and tribute bands had 22 hours of entertainment

There were 5 fashion shows with 24 models and 8 designers involved

On the official landing point was 1032 people landing, but most visitors landed at the dance floor or at the runway. We haven't scanned the whole venue so the total number of visitors is unknown.

At the fashion shows and some of the live shows we had, at times, more then 50 people on the venue and the lag was still very managable.

All in all, a wonderful job done by a great team and a big warm thankyou to everyone who made a donation and/or supported us

A Spectacular Finale!

A wonderful sponsor of ours as well as friend and dear customer, Lagu Indigo, put on a beautiful show for us at the closing. The lighting effects were pure magic. She must have put some hard work into it as the effects synchronised beautifully with the music and her angelic moves on the stage. The theme was angels which was fitting for the end of the event and I was mesmerized as were everyone else for the duration. At the end she told us her friend who is away at the moment normally performs too and she has half the show with her! Half the show? Wow, if this was only half I wonder what the full is like! We are thrilled to hear she has offered to do her show at our anniversary celebration on Tuesday.

Thankyou so much Lagu, your show was pure and angelic and we enjoyed it very very much.

A tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson tribute in SL for feed a smile was a huge success. The crowd were in awe by the way this ava moved and how he looked, his (what I assume were) especially made animations for the concert were so correct to the music provided and it did bring a tear to my eye as I thought of the real MJ taken far too soon from us. He had a full band, the guitarist had it down pat :-) and two backing singers/dancers, lighting effects and smoke machines were amazing along with some costume changes and I really recommend anyone who is a fan of MJ to see this show. The U2 show I can't comment on unfortunetly but it must have gone well because we couldn't tp to the sim as it was full but we saw some cool donations coming from that way.

Below are some photos from the MJ concert.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"And now the end is near"

Well the time is nearing its end for our event.

I think we can all safely say we are very very tired :-) Chris has worked almost non stop with the entertainment side of things, Brique has been a great hostess and PR and Georg who I must say rarely gets a mention has worked tirelessly behind the scenes making sure scripts are working, fixing bugs, blogging, PR, making sure entertainers have they're streams set up as well as a constant presence at events, even to the stage where he has danced alone on the dance floor with entertainers so they had an audience until the event got warmed up. So I for one would like to give my husband a big extra hug and kisses for all he has done.

At 10am this morning SL time a tribute to Michael Jackson is being performed. I cant wait for this as I love his songs so come along if you can, I am sure it shall be wonderful.

U2 in SL will then perform the last major gig at midday at the "Dragonmoon sim" and then its back to our venue for the closing party which shall finish at..hmm who knows! :-)

A wonderful motorbike that was donated to us shall be raffled off today and the winner announced tomorrow. So please help us feed some more smile as we end this wonderful week long event. It has been great, tiring but with some lovely memories and support.

Your feed a smile team

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Half-time! Success or not?

Well it depends on what you would call a success and also whom you will ask. Don't get me wrong, every Dollar for the children in Kenya is already a success and I am very happy with what we already have at this time which btw is Linden$ 196,144. So I see it with one crying and one smiling eye at the moment.

On the good side we can feed the kids for a few days.

The party's on the venue are always busy. The donations from being at the live singers and DJ area is almost half of the total donations. I am sure many many clubs in SL would be very happy with our traffic and with how the partys are going.

Responsible for the success on this side of the Feed-a-Smile event is in the first place Chriscloud Loon but there are few more who started as a visitor or DJ and got really involved with the event.

We don't have the time to be at many of these party's but there is one Lady who spends a lot of time to keep the party's going. She is also DJing a lot and she is a very good DJ at that. Her name is DJ RAS Mills and if you have a club or a music venue then I would advise you to remember this name. She will fill your dancefloor with many people and with a very jolly atmosphere.

The fashion shows are also a success. We saw a lot of fashion shows in SL and most were not so busy or well organizised as ours have been so far. This is as I already told you the teamwork of Mellificent Juneberry and Nikki Heron and all of the professional fashion team. This reminds me, don't forget to come over today at 8PM to see a wonderful shows.

We all feel proud and happy with what we did.

On the other side there is the crying eye.

We set a high goal and a mission. Our goal was to get about 12,000 meals which will not be possible but also there was our mission to make the venue an information path for the work of Live and Learn in Kenya and maybe to find a few sponsors for the children. This part of the event may as well be invisible to the public as well as the work of our kind sponsors.

We feel we may have failed to promote the event for what it is really for. There should be hundreds of sales from the donator's vendors each day and many many people should be looking around the venue each day. Every day when I do a Google search to see what news about the event is out there. I could kick myself in my backside. There is nothing really. I do however thank the bloggers who did a post, they are really nice and lovely made posts, but that is not enough. It is not that we didn't ask many bloggers, magazines and all that, but maybe we missed making it interesting enough for them.

The lesson is clear. We are very happy this event is not a total flop which easily and very often happens in SL and more importently, we will be able to feed the children for a few days. But for the future I know what we have to do differently. Events are a really hard job and a fulltime job at that, and the only thing that helped us carry on was the thought of the childrens smiles.

So dear reader, please help us to make the Feed-a-Smile event a more successful event. Come over to the venue and have a REAL look around. We are sure there is something in one of the many donation vendors that you will like. There is also an section with wonderful art as well as a hut with information on how to sponsor a child. This one is something very important to us, this event is only a temporary help but sponsoring a child will help the child to grow up and to have a future. And it will not cost more then US$ 250/year for the sponsor.

Edit to Add:
Well I just finished this post when I had another look at the blogs and found that Sonicity Fitzroy just a few minutes ago was blogging about the event in the BOSL blog

We will thank all the kind bloggers who was blogging about the event. You all are a big part of the success of the Feed-a-Smile 2010 Charity Event and a lot of the childrens smiles are for you.

Fabulous Fashions & Fun

The Feed a smile Fashion shows started off outstandingly. We were so pleased with the turnout for these shows as alot of work was put into them over the past weeks. All the designs were well received and looked lovely on the models. They did a great job and performed very professonally when the lag got a little heavy (at one stage we had 51 people at the evening show)
Thankyou Jazmyn D for your lovely free gift you have placed at the show, along with G&N Quality Design's gift please treat yourself after the show.
Another big warm thankyou to the designers for your contributions to the show and dont forget we have 3 more shows this week at the times in the below entry to cater for all timezones.
Please take a look around the venue after the show as not forgetting this is to raise money for the kids in Kenya and there are plenty of donated vendors with exclusive gorgeous items where all money donated is 100% used for the meals for the LLK Kids

BTW, we had a brilliant time after the show. Gina Gracemount performed and has the most gorgeous voice. She sang mostly requests from her song list and was a real crowd pleaser as well as a good laugh! Thankyou so much Gina, your support was so appreciated.

Join in the fun continuing through the week until the finale on the 18th July and help feed a smile.
Happy days
Your Feed a Smile team

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's time for the fashion shows!!

Today at 11 AM our first fashion show will take place. Those involved in the planning and implementation of the shows are very excited now, and fashion show manager Mellificent Juneberry has all under control wonderfully. She was extremely busy over the last few weeks. There will be 5 shows in the next days, here are the schedules for the shows.

Tu. 13.07.2010 at 11:00 AM
Tu. 13.07.2010 at 08:00 PM

Th. 15.07.2010 at 11:00 AM
Th. 15.07.2010 at 08:00 PM

Sa. 17.07.2010 as 11:00 AM

You will see outfits of many top designers such as:
Sascha's Designs
Bliss Couture
sf Designs
Jazmyn D
Coe Dust Designs
Inga Wind Clothing
and of course G&N Quality Design

Before and after the shows will be party and live music and of course at the venue you can buy outfits from these top designers and plenty more at the vendors. Every dollar of your purchase will count as a donation and 100% of your money will reach the children in Kenya.

At this moment we have Linden$ 137,402 (1,374 meals) which is still far away from our goal, so please come a bit earlier to the show, have a walk around the venue to buy a few top designer outfits to help us to feed the children over the whole of the school holidays.

Thanks and hope to see you at one of the fashion shows.
Your Feed-a-Smile Team

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wow, did you miss something? :-)

If you were not at the Feed-a-Smile opening party then you really missed something. It was an overwhelmingly big success. The atmosphere was great and the dancefloor was busy all of the time. At some times we had more then 50 people at the venue and the sim was doing very well. We would like to say a big thank you to Antonio Asano the owner of Pepita Estate. He did a very good job preparing the sim for the Feed-a-Smile event and he was also very generous when it came to buying extra prims. Thank you Antonio and Jordyn. BTW if you are looking for a place to live then Antonio is the right man for you :-)
Well the first day brought about 30,000 Linden Dollars in donations and along with the 70,000 Lindens we had already made before the opening we are now over 100,000 Linden Dollars which means more then 1000 meals for the children, so two days of feeding are ensured now. Still a long way to go but a fantastic start.
Well the show goes on, come over to the venue, shop until you drop for the children, have a dance or admire some artwork from some very talented artists. Have a look at the calendar, there is something happening at the venue most times.

Below are a few photos from yesterdays opening party.

Hope to see you soon at the Feed-a-Smile Charity Event.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Only a few more hours!

Now we start to get excited, only a few more hours and the Feed-a-Smile Charity Event will open the gates with a big party.
Please join us at the venue and let us have fun together after all that hard work.
We have put together this event in only 6 weeks from the first thought up to the opening party. I never thought really it would be possible and I still would love a few more weeks. The few bloggers and publishers we have had have been wonderful but we still feel the event needed to be out there more in the way of advertising and promotion. We would have loved to have had more members up on the venue to guide our visitors but the hard working Feed-a-Smile Team we do have will be there to help whereever we can. By saying hard working, I would like to mention Mellificent Juneberry in particular. She is the fashion show coordinator and has built up 5 big shows for the event and is still working very hard to this moment. Through it all she has kept her humor and you can see she really loves her work. This love you will see and feel when you watch the shows and keep in mind, everyone provided their time and work for free.
But back to the big opening. What can you expect today? Well here is a photo of the event plan for today.

Looking good? So please come over and have fun and while you are here, please help put smiles on the faces of the LLK project children by purchasing something from our top designers donation vendors or by donating in one of the donation boxes on the venue.
Also have a look at our event calendar for the events of the next days (first fashion show is on Tuesday btw, don't miss that)

We are looking forward to see you on the venue and saying a big hello.
Your Feed-a-Smile Team

Saturday, July 3, 2010

BD Design

Well it is quite hard work getting the event together and we spend almost every minute in SL for the event.
Our own designing and work for our Shop is a little slower than normal so we do apologize to our customers for that. Nikki is really working hard to keep the shop up to date as well as everything else that is happening.
Don't get us wrong though! We love doing this and it is for a very good cause, however the blogging about the sponsors and about the event itself is not going as fast and detailed as it should be. If there are any bloggers reading this and are willing to do at least one post each day for us, please send us an IM.

Sorry, I somewhat strayed from the topic :-)

OK! back to our kind sponsors. Today we introduce BD Design.
The owner and designer of BD Design is Briher Destiny from Denmark. She did a beautiful job designing a Safari outfit with the possibility to variate it in many ways. And look how many accessories she is giving with this outfit, this is a real bargain.

Her shops for the men and the ladies are angerdnet opposite with a nice square between. The shops are very neatly arranged and clear for all to see. Her designs are of high quality.

Thanks for your kind donation Briher. We hope it makes you smile while your outfits will generate a lot of smiles on the children faces.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The meals for the first day are guaranteed!!

It is still one week before the event will start and we already can feed the children for one day. While I am writing this we have a total of 503 meals. This is great and we thank all sponsors and donors for they're eagerness to help. Every little bit is importend and we are happy for every donated Linden no matter if it is a 1000 or 1 Linden. An extra thankyou to Swaffette Firefly of SF Design for going that extra mile with promotion of this event, your extra work has brought extra meals.

Thanks again on behalf of the LLK children to all sponsors, donors and the many helpers behind the scenes.

Monday, June 28, 2010

G&N Quality Design Charity Designs for Feed a Smile 2010

Here we have the designs created by G&N Quality Design especially for Feed a smile.
All proceeds of these outfits go to feed a smile where the money shall be used for meals for the school children in Kenya. The skins come with these outfits to add the finishing touches to the African themed designs.

This Abla tunic set shall make you feel like an African Queen.

Makena shall make you feel at home strolling though the marketplaces

Nyokabi might inspire you to swing through the vines of the jungle with Tarzan :-)

and Kiano can add some colourful warmth to the cooler days and nights

We shall also be holding daily raffle draws where a ticket can be purchased for the particular daily prize at the venue. Our contribution for a raffle prize is
Feed a Smile Exclusive Gown 2010 which comes with a beautiful flowing skirt, floral wreath for your hair and arm cuffs. Should you wish to wear this as a straightline skirt you may. This is a one off gown and the winner will have this exclusively.

If you wish to look at the progress of the venue please do so, its looking lovely there and you will feel like you are in Africa :-) The slurl is....
Take care and happy days

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow! A lovely thank-you note from Kenya

Look at this:


This wonderful message arrived today. Look at those cute smiles :-)
Remember, most of these children have lost their parents to AIDS, Cancer or other illness. They don't have anything except what Brique and her LLK Team can give them, but they are smiling anyway and they are so thankful and innocent. So please everyone, let us do all we can to help "Live and Learn in Kenya" and to keep these nice smiles on the faces of these lovely children. Let's Feed-a-Smile

And a big thank you back to the children, your smiles made us very happy.

Please use the comments to leave a message for the children, the local LLK Team in Kenya will read your message to the children.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

SF Design

Here we go with another designer. Today it is SF Design. Swaffette Firefly, designer and owner of SF Designs, is from the UK. She has made 2 designs for the Feed-a-Smile Event. One of them is a beautiful red Dress with purse and shoes for the Ladies and the other is a handsome well matched tuxedo with shoes for the men. The kind and humorous Swaffette has her donation vendors already up and running on the venue and she also has two vendors in her shop. The outfits have already generated a very good amount of meals for our children in Kenya.

swaffette's sim is very nice and tastefully created. Her shops are arranged like a shopping promenade with her big main shop at the end of the road. SF Designs is one of the older well know shops which was established back in 2005.

Thanks for your kind donation swaffette and best wishes with your high quality work. The kids from Kenya will thank you most sincerely.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

CL Design

Psst! We don't have only fashion designers sponsoring the Feed-a-Smile event :-) Here we introduce "CL Design". CL Design is selling sculpted houses and furniture. This kind and talented designer and owner of CL Design is Cecilia Levasseur, a young student from France. Her priority are the houses. She is building houses within 50 - 1200 prims, but she told me that one day she was working on a custom house with more then 5000 prims. So at CL Design you will get the whole range from a nice low prim house up to a high detailed luxury villa.

Cecilia's donation for the Feed-a-Smile is the Beach Tiki home *Thaiti*. You can get the house in the unfurnished version with 46 prims or fully furnished with a little more then 120 prims. All furniture comes with animations as well as scripted window blinds and color change rugs. There is also a security system.
Do come and take a look, we have the house on display next to the venue. The teleporter can be found on the venue site at her donation vendors.

Thanks for your kind donation, we are sure the children's smiles will reach you.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chriscloud Loon

Today we introduce our Feed-a-Smile entertainment manager Chriscloud Loon. The self-appointed peace maker is a real jack-of-all-trades. He is living for and with the music, but he also is a builder, an artist and a photographer. For the Feed-a-Smile Event he has organized all of the musical entertainment, built the stage and decorations around the live performance area.
His SL life certainly hasn't been boring. A few activities he is busy with are "CCL Design" where he makes Sculpted Belts with dance animations and Wood Jewelry, then there is the "CCL Photo Studio" where he does photo art as well as profile photos. Adding to this he is the proud owner of the "Crossing Culture Club" a warm and comfortable club where he is DJing every week (well, when he gets the time again after the Feed-a-Smile event work)

In real life he is a Romanian man living in Germany and his real life hobbies are photography and creating wood jewellery and not forgetting, the music. At the moment we are thinking about how we can make a SL -> RL donation vendor or auction for some of his RL creations.

You can find a lot of information about Chris on his web-pages. The link below is his webprofile where you will find a few links to pages he is hosting.

Surely Chris has to be the hardest working Feed-a-Smile staff member and the entertainment part of the event would have been very hard to pull together without him.

Chris we all thank you for your good work and we promise you, you will get a lot of smiles from the LLK children.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BoHo HoBo Couture

Another wonderful sponsor's donation vendor that is already up and running is the Vendor of BoHo HoBo Couture. Trill Zapatero, who is the owner and designer of BoHo, has made a nice colourful jeans set with top and scarf. The texture of the pants seems to be inspired by her paintings as Trill is an artist. You can see a few of her acrylic and collage paintings on her Flickr page.

Trill’s shop is not a shop as such, as she is not making any profit of her sales, all proceeds are going to the Central Asia Institute.

I am sure her nice set will generate a lot of meals. We also endeavour to show some her of paintings at the venue.

Thanks for this lovely and kind donation Trill.