Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chriscloud Loon

Today we introduce our Feed-a-Smile entertainment manager Chriscloud Loon. The self-appointed peace maker is a real jack-of-all-trades. He is living for and with the music, but he also is a builder, an artist and a photographer. For the Feed-a-Smile Event he has organized all of the musical entertainment, built the stage and decorations around the live performance area.
His SL life certainly hasn't been boring. A few activities he is busy with are "CCL Design" where he makes Sculpted Belts with dance animations and Wood Jewelry, then there is the "CCL Photo Studio" where he does photo art as well as profile photos. Adding to this he is the proud owner of the "Crossing Culture Club" a warm and comfortable club where he is DJing every week (well, when he gets the time again after the Feed-a-Smile event work)

In real life he is a Romanian man living in Germany and his real life hobbies are photography and creating wood jewellery and not forgetting, the music. At the moment we are thinking about how we can make a SL -> RL donation vendor or auction for some of his RL creations.

You can find a lot of information about Chris on his web-pages. The link below is his webprofile where you will find a few links to pages he is hosting.

Surely Chris has to be the hardest working Feed-a-Smile staff member and the entertainment part of the event would have been very hard to pull together without him.

Chris we all thank you for your good work and we promise you, you will get a lot of smiles from the LLK children.

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