Monday, June 28, 2010

G&N Quality Design Charity Designs for Feed a Smile 2010

Here we have the designs created by G&N Quality Design especially for Feed a smile.
All proceeds of these outfits go to feed a smile where the money shall be used for meals for the school children in Kenya. The skins come with these outfits to add the finishing touches to the African themed designs.

This Abla tunic set shall make you feel like an African Queen.

Makena shall make you feel at home strolling though the marketplaces

Nyokabi might inspire you to swing through the vines of the jungle with Tarzan :-)

and Kiano can add some colourful warmth to the cooler days and nights

We shall also be holding daily raffle draws where a ticket can be purchased for the particular daily prize at the venue. Our contribution for a raffle prize is
Feed a Smile Exclusive Gown 2010 which comes with a beautiful flowing skirt, floral wreath for your hair and arm cuffs. Should you wish to wear this as a straightline skirt you may. This is a one off gown and the winner will have this exclusively.

If you wish to look at the progress of the venue please do so, its looking lovely there and you will feel like you are in Africa :-) The slurl is....
Take care and happy days

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow! A lovely thank-you note from Kenya

Look at this:


This wonderful message arrived today. Look at those cute smiles :-)
Remember, most of these children have lost their parents to AIDS, Cancer or other illness. They don't have anything except what Brique and her LLK Team can give them, but they are smiling anyway and they are so thankful and innocent. So please everyone, let us do all we can to help "Live and Learn in Kenya" and to keep these nice smiles on the faces of these lovely children. Let's Feed-a-Smile

And a big thank you back to the children, your smiles made us very happy.

Please use the comments to leave a message for the children, the local LLK Team in Kenya will read your message to the children.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

SF Design

Here we go with another designer. Today it is SF Design. Swaffette Firefly, designer and owner of SF Designs, is from the UK. She has made 2 designs for the Feed-a-Smile Event. One of them is a beautiful red Dress with purse and shoes for the Ladies and the other is a handsome well matched tuxedo with shoes for the men. The kind and humorous Swaffette has her donation vendors already up and running on the venue and she also has two vendors in her shop. The outfits have already generated a very good amount of meals for our children in Kenya.

swaffette's sim is very nice and tastefully created. Her shops are arranged like a shopping promenade with her big main shop at the end of the road. SF Designs is one of the older well know shops which was established back in 2005.

Thanks for your kind donation swaffette and best wishes with your high quality work. The kids from Kenya will thank you most sincerely.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

CL Design

Psst! We don't have only fashion designers sponsoring the Feed-a-Smile event :-) Here we introduce "CL Design". CL Design is selling sculpted houses and furniture. This kind and talented designer and owner of CL Design is Cecilia Levasseur, a young student from France. Her priority are the houses. She is building houses within 50 - 1200 prims, but she told me that one day she was working on a custom house with more then 5000 prims. So at CL Design you will get the whole range from a nice low prim house up to a high detailed luxury villa.

Cecilia's donation for the Feed-a-Smile is the Beach Tiki home *Thaiti*. You can get the house in the unfurnished version with 46 prims or fully furnished with a little more then 120 prims. All furniture comes with animations as well as scripted window blinds and color change rugs. There is also a security system.
Do come and take a look, we have the house on display next to the venue. The teleporter can be found on the venue site at her donation vendors.

Thanks for your kind donation, we are sure the children's smiles will reach you.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chriscloud Loon

Today we introduce our Feed-a-Smile entertainment manager Chriscloud Loon. The self-appointed peace maker is a real jack-of-all-trades. He is living for and with the music, but he also is a builder, an artist and a photographer. For the Feed-a-Smile Event he has organized all of the musical entertainment, built the stage and decorations around the live performance area.
His SL life certainly hasn't been boring. A few activities he is busy with are "CCL Design" where he makes Sculpted Belts with dance animations and Wood Jewelry, then there is the "CCL Photo Studio" where he does photo art as well as profile photos. Adding to this he is the proud owner of the "Crossing Culture Club" a warm and comfortable club where he is DJing every week (well, when he gets the time again after the Feed-a-Smile event work)

In real life he is a Romanian man living in Germany and his real life hobbies are photography and creating wood jewellery and not forgetting, the music. At the moment we are thinking about how we can make a SL -> RL donation vendor or auction for some of his RL creations.

You can find a lot of information about Chris on his web-pages. The link below is his webprofile where you will find a few links to pages he is hosting.

Surely Chris has to be the hardest working Feed-a-Smile staff member and the entertainment part of the event would have been very hard to pull together without him.

Chris we all thank you for your good work and we promise you, you will get a lot of smiles from the LLK children.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BoHo HoBo Couture

Another wonderful sponsor's donation vendor that is already up and running is the Vendor of BoHo HoBo Couture. Trill Zapatero, who is the owner and designer of BoHo, has made a nice colourful jeans set with top and scarf. The texture of the pants seems to be inspired by her paintings as Trill is an artist. You can see a few of her acrylic and collage paintings on her Flickr page.

Trill’s shop is not a shop as such, as she is not making any profit of her sales, all proceeds are going to the Central Asia Institute.

I am sure her nice set will generate a lot of meals. We also endeavour to show some her of paintings at the venue.

Thanks for this lovely and kind donation Trill.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moonbeam Fashion

Over the next few weeks we would like to showcase the beautiful donations given by our very generous sponsors as well as introducing the sponsors themselves, some of the performers and some of the hard working feed-a-smile staff members.

Today we will start with Miria Moonbeam from Moonbeam Fashion.

Miria is a lovely lady from Italy and she is the owner and designer of Moonbeam Fashion. In addition to her work as a designer she is a fashion model as well. We had the opportunity to see her once at a fashion show and were very impressed. The Moonbeam Fashion mainstore is a very comfortable and warm looking shop from the moment you land there and her designs are very neatly arranged. If you are looking for a new gown then you should stop by where there are some gorgeous ones to be had.

Miria's donation, specifically made for the Feed-a-Smile charity event, is called "Earth".
It is a beautiful dress in soft warm colors very much suited to the African theme of the Feed-a-Smile event. See it on the photo below but even better, go to the Feed-a-Smile venue and get this beauty already. Her donation Vendor is already up and running so you are able to be one of the first to have this beautiful dress and help to feed the LLK children in the same time.

Moonbeam's donation ......... Earth

Thank you Miria for your gorgeous donation and we hope it will generate a lot of meals for the LLK children.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A great entertainment line up is growing!

Our wonderful Entertainment manager Chriscloud Loon has been busy putting together a calendar of live events which is growing on a daily basis.
You can keep up to date and see the times entertainers and fashion shows are performing with our calendar to the side of this blog.
Some wonderful entertainment lined up so far is as follows.

DJ Chris & friends

kelvinblue Oh LIVE

DJ RAS Mills

Senjata Witt LIVE

Gina Gracemount Live

Eva Moon LIVE

The Rolling Stones Tribute LIVE

Motorhead LIVE

Seba Sideways LIVE

Jana Kyomoon LIVE

Michael Jackson Tribute LIVE

U2 in SL LIVE at DragonMoon Sim

A big Thanks to Chris for his tireless hours and effort he is putting in to help make this event a success.

Keep an eye on this calendar as our amazing list grows
Nikki Heron xxxx

Advertising "Feed a Smile"

The event will not be an event without getting it "out there" and we are hoping this shall be the start of many annual events for LLK.
We are currently enlisting the help of bloggers, Magazines and Newspapers and would like to thank so far

Ilyeria Jewell
Geraldina Broono
Darkley Aeon
HoneyBear Lilliehook
Mallory Luke

We are looking for many more to help get this event publicized so if you can help please let us know.
You can contact myself
Nikki Heron or
Brique Topaz
Georg Stonewall
Many thanks for your support xx