Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brique is back from Kenya

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Stay tuned, Briques travelog is coming soon.

In the meanwhile lets feed some smiles at the Lavender Field

The Lavender Field - Where events make sense
Feed A Smile/54/141/23

Friday, October 19, 2012


What an awesome 2 days it's been at the brand new Lavender Field for Feed a Smile. Fabulous musicians - and to top it off the one and only DJCitizenK Ilex premiered at the Lavender Field and really got things going and avatars hopping :)

Today is the last day of this 3-day event and we're ready to go. So don't miss a moment of this awesome event.

I will be on my way to Kenya next week for my annual "Chairwoman - Mama Brique" visit to the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l project in Nakuru. I thought you might be interested in knowing exactly where all those meals are being cooked.

Lake Nakuru National Park is absolutely gorgeous with all of those famous animals (except elephants - they don't live in Nakuru...), including the thousands and thousands of flamingoes living there that made Lake Nakuru so well-known and a tourist attraction.

It's hard to imagine that these extreme beauties can border some of the poorest and most extreme slums fathomable. The Rhonda slums - where the children on the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l program live, is just over a high fence away. They'd never seen the beauties of their own region until we hoarded them all into buses and took them on a "safari" on the other side of the fence. Many of the parents who accompanied us actually shed tears. They had never even dreamt that "their" Nakuru could also be so beautiful. So, we'll be going there with another bus of kids during our visit.

Two of us from Second Life will be traveling there next week. Hopefully even more next year! The AVIF photo was taken by one of our volunteers who was placed with us by the British volunteer charity organization AVIF.

Poly and I (and two other German visitors) will be leaving for Kenya on Friday the 26th. We'll be meeting up with Nhaomi's nephew (Nhaomi owns the LA Walk Of Fame venue in SL and organizes events for Feed a Smile there). Her nephew and his fiancé are working as volunteers in Kenya and will be at the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l project for our winter school holiday camp for 4 weeks. They will be tutoring in the morning and organizing activities with the kids in the afternoon. It will be nice to meet them in Nairobi. We'll keep you updated while we're there.

But for now it’s - party party party. There are more Feed a Smile events coming up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - but more about that after the opening celebrations!!!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Great Opening Celebration at the new Lavender Field for Feed a Smile Sim

...which is better than “grand opening” :)

Time is just flying and the new Lavender Field sim is looking totally awesome thanks to all of the hard work from Maria, Poly, Safira, Georg and Cesar. Parts of the sim are completely different than the old sim – and some parts are just like home again. Come and see it for yourself. It won’t be finished for a while – but it is looking great already.

Blindboy Gumbo will be the first up on the brand new stage on Wednesday, the 17th. Three days of super awesome music. I only wish I could have been able to ask all of the fabulous musicians who have graced the stages at the former sim – but there aren’t enough waking hours for that – and I’m on my way to Kenya on the 26th with lots of preparations and packing to do. So, please, please dear friends – if you haven’t been asked to perform for the opening, please think of a time and date after I return from Kenya on November 5th.

Here is the lineup. Come – Enjoy – and be a part of it all!

Wednesday - October 17th
11AMBlindboy Gumbo
12PMJames Corachea
1PMMar Biddle
2PMRussell Eponym
3PMSamm Qendra
4PMBat Masters
5PMTwostep Spiritweaver
6PMTamra Hayden
7PMMando Dragonash
8PMPT Beardmore

Thursday - October 18th
2AMGuido Gitano
10AMDJCitizenK Ilex
11AMDJCitizenK Ilex
12PMChelseaM Noel
1PMDusty Smyth
2PMSunrise Rhapsody

Friday - October 19th
11AMMommaLuv Skytower
12PMPutri Solo
1PMTheresa Nayar
2PMSeamore WildeHart
3PMVirtual Live Band
5PMNick Razor

Happiness and SMILES!