Sep/Oct 2012 Project Update

The 3rd academic term of 2012 was to start on 3rd of September. But the unfortunate happened. Teachers in both Primary and secondary schools throughout the country went on strike paralyzing education system. They were demanding 300% pay rise. It took the government 3 weeks to accept to pay the demanded salary. The term started on 24th September. This will delay closing date by 3 weeks. Schools will now close on 23rd November instead of 2nd.
The above situation also affected payment of school feeding program. Payment of feeding program and school fees for secondary children was paid at the end of September and early October.
Below are some of the activities we had during this period,

Muslim Offering Festival

We had two Muslim offering festivals.  The first was on 24th October at HUDA Girls Training Institute where one of our Muslim girls is training. Two goats were slaughtered for these girls. The second slaughter festival was done on 26th of October. Two goats were donated by the Kara family from Germany. The second feast was donated by 9 people.  The 9 are Muslim sponsors – Yildirim Family  - from Germany. In total we slaughtered 2 bulls and 5 goats. On behalf of our children, parents and Muslim families who shared the meat, I pass my heartfelt appreciation to the following : Mr and Mrs Kara, Canip Yildirim, Ayse  Yildirim, Ismael Yildirim Nurdane Yildirim, Sevim Bayrak, Sayit Bayrak, Cevat Yildirim, Ali Berknat  Secen and Ayla. May God bless them with good health, joy and happiness.

Sponsors from Germany and France
At the end of October, we received sponsors from Germany and France led by Brique Zeiner, Chairperson of Live and Learn in Kenya ( L.L.K.). They arrived of 26th of October and left on 4th November.

Visitors in one of the classes at Koinange Primary
During this period they participated in a number of activities. Among them was visiting all our partner schools, buying carvings and other items from the market to sell in Germany-All money found come back to LLK International to help the children. They also brought and gave presents to both children and parents. They held a meeting with both parents and children to share experiences. Two of the sponsors accepted to sponsor two new children.


Above are visitors at Ngochoch primary school and dancing during a parent/children meeting.
Youth Graduation
In October 2012 all our youth who finished vocational training this year graduated. 43 youths were awarded with certificates of completion from Brique Zeiner , the chairperson , Live and Learn in Kenya International. They  also organized a farewell party. They were advised that they can now take care of themselves after the training.

Brique, Dinah Kemunto with her certificate and Ken (Dinah trained in Community Development)
 These youths trained in different disciplines. Among them are, tailoring and dress making, mechanics, Carpentry, Electrical, community development, Hotel management among others. We wish them success in their future.

Brique Zeiner giving final advice to the youth
New Children

Some of the new children with lots of smiles
This year, about 50 children will be leaving the program. Most of them left after completing their vocational training. They are equipped with necessary skills to help them get jobs. They can also start their own work. In their place, we took on 25 children. 12 girls and 13 boys were taken to our program. Out of these 25 new children, 8 had received sponsors at the time of writing this update.

Happy to be part of LLK family

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