August 2012 Project Update



Schools closed for the second academic term on August 10th. All children brought in their end of term report cards. This is important because we have to monitor children school progress. Sponsored children’s reports were sent to respective sponsors. School break events began on the 13th. Among them were: tuition for classes Nursery, 1, 2, 3, 4 and secondary, feeding program, clubs meetings and parents meeting, among others.

Tuition started on 13th and ended on 30th August. Two teachers were brought in to assist Mary, our project teacher.  Only weak children from the above classes were tutored. Martin Odhiambo, one of our project children studying to become a teacher at the University, tutored the secondary children. This reduced costs of hiring an extra teacher.

Mary and Linda (An extra teacher) tutored Nursery and primary children. Below are some of the photos taken during tuition period.






Tuition was undertaken during morning hours. In the afternoon, all children went out for extra curricula activities. Among them were jumping rope, story telling, dancing and other games. Below are some of the events children participated in during afternoons.





Children during story telling



Children during story telling



Club meeting in progress


On Friday afternoons, all youths came together for clubs meeting.  During these meetings several issues were discussed. Among them were early pregnancies, drug abuse, and Boy/Girl relationship among others. Boys sometimes could feed and take care of their chickens while girls made bars of soap. These are their projects. This enlightened them and also kept them busy instead of roaming around the slums.




Above are some of the photos of our feeding program


After a busy morning session, all children enjoyed a warm and nutritious meal. Other than the normal rice and beans children were also served with meat, vegetables, milk, fruits among others. This is to keep them healthy in order to boost their school performance.








Above are photos of our girls club making bar soap. They make and sell bar soap in Ronda slums. The process above gave them a profit of 270 Kenya shillings. They also make liquid soap, which has a higher profit. They use these profit to buy their basic needs.






On the 31st of August, we held a parent meeting. All children also attended the meeting. The parents’ response was very good. Parents came in a large number and early enough. During this meeting, we discussed a number of issues among them were, children’s school attendance and performance, holiday tuition which we had finished and the one we shall be having during December holidays, school feeding program, Christmas presents which will be given in December and the coming of our children’s sponsors at the end of October among others. Our founder and chairwoman, Brique Zeiner will be here with 3 or 4 other visitors.

During this meeting, children who did well in school received certificates of recognition and presents.   Photos above show children with their certificates and presents. This motivates both children and their parents to double their efforts towards education.

The month of August was very busy to both staff and children. Parents were equally busy with food preparation.                                   


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  1. I like to see the children were taken care of during the sumemr holidays too. Great work!