Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brique is back from Kenya

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Stay tuned, Briques travelog is coming soon.

In the meanwhile lets feed some smiles at the Lavender Field

The Lavender Field - Where events make sense
Feed A Smile/54/141/23

Friday, October 19, 2012


What an awesome 2 days it's been at the brand new Lavender Field for Feed a Smile. Fabulous musicians - and to top it off the one and only DJCitizenK Ilex premiered at the Lavender Field and really got things going and avatars hopping :)

Today is the last day of this 3-day event and we're ready to go. So don't miss a moment of this awesome event.

I will be on my way to Kenya next week for my annual "Chairwoman - Mama Brique" visit to the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l project in Nakuru. I thought you might be interested in knowing exactly where all those meals are being cooked.

Lake Nakuru National Park is absolutely gorgeous with all of those famous animals (except elephants - they don't live in Nakuru...), including the thousands and thousands of flamingoes living there that made Lake Nakuru so well-known and a tourist attraction.

It's hard to imagine that these extreme beauties can border some of the poorest and most extreme slums fathomable. The Rhonda slums - where the children on the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l program live, is just over a high fence away. They'd never seen the beauties of their own region until we hoarded them all into buses and took them on a "safari" on the other side of the fence. Many of the parents who accompanied us actually shed tears. They had never even dreamt that "their" Nakuru could also be so beautiful. So, we'll be going there with another bus of kids during our visit.

Two of us from Second Life will be traveling there next week. Hopefully even more next year! The AVIF photo was taken by one of our volunteers who was placed with us by the British volunteer charity organization AVIF.

Poly and I (and two other German visitors) will be leaving for Kenya on Friday the 26th. We'll be meeting up with Nhaomi's nephew (Nhaomi owns the LA Walk Of Fame venue in SL and organizes events for Feed a Smile there). Her nephew and his fiancé are working as volunteers in Kenya and will be at the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l project for our winter school holiday camp for 4 weeks. They will be tutoring in the morning and organizing activities with the kids in the afternoon. It will be nice to meet them in Nairobi. We'll keep you updated while we're there.

But for now it’s - party party party. There are more Feed a Smile events coming up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - but more about that after the opening celebrations!!!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Great Opening Celebration at the new Lavender Field for Feed a Smile Sim

...which is better than “grand opening” :)

Time is just flying and the new Lavender Field sim is looking totally awesome thanks to all of the hard work from Maria, Poly, Safira, Georg and Cesar. Parts of the sim are completely different than the old sim – and some parts are just like home again. Come and see it for yourself. It won’t be finished for a while – but it is looking great already.

Blindboy Gumbo will be the first up on the brand new stage on Wednesday, the 17th. Three days of super awesome music. I only wish I could have been able to ask all of the fabulous musicians who have graced the stages at the former sim – but there aren’t enough waking hours for that – and I’m on my way to Kenya on the 26th with lots of preparations and packing to do. So, please, please dear friends – if you haven’t been asked to perform for the opening, please think of a time and date after I return from Kenya on November 5th.

Here is the lineup. Come – Enjoy – and be a part of it all!

Wednesday - October 17th
11AMBlindboy Gumbo
12PMJames Corachea
1PMMar Biddle
2PMRussell Eponym
3PMSamm Qendra
4PMBat Masters
5PMTwostep Spiritweaver
6PMTamra Hayden
7PMMando Dragonash
8PMPT Beardmore

Thursday - October 18th
2AMGuido Gitano
10AMDJCitizenK Ilex
11AMDJCitizenK Ilex
12PMChelseaM Noel
1PMDusty Smyth
2PMSunrise Rhapsody

Friday - October 19th
11AMMommaLuv Skytower
12PMPutri Solo
1PMTheresa Nayar
2PMSeamore WildeHart
3PMVirtual Live Band
5PMNick Razor

Happiness and SMILES!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Okay, so I’m not the most patient person in the world – but who could be while watching one of the most beautiful sims in Second Life blossom from a green patch of nothing in the ocean into an amazing charity sim for Feed a Smile. It’s even called FEED A SMILE! So, for all of you who are as impatient as I am – go have a peek at the results of Maria and Safira’s awesome and creative building abilities in the making:




But no rest for the weary... We still have some super charity concerts lined up – and I can hardly wait for today’s concerts. (yup impatient again....) Twostep and Roze are letting us use their lovely Spirit in the Sky venue – so this is the place to be today:

Steely Decosta will be taking the stage at 1PM. Steely is a singer/guitarist from Louisville, Kentucky.

Not only is Steely a versatile and accomplished guitarist, but his voice will captivate you as you feel the passion and emotion for each song he performs come through. His sound and style of playing has created a signature original to Steely. Having played many clubs and events in Real Life Steely Decosta brings a range of songs to us such as Kings of Leon, Ben Harper, Amos Lee, Eagles, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Ray Lamontagne, James Morrison, Otis Redding, Elton John, Robert Cray, Wilco, Todd Rundgren, Beatles. Influences credited to Steely Dan, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton and too many to name.

LaidBack Celt is next up – at 2PM.

Conceived on a blind date in the backseat of at ’57 Chevy, LaidBack Celt was born to rock. With a rock ‘n roll voice, a rock ‘n roll soul… armed with only an acoustic guitar, a little bit of distortion and a whole lot of attitude… he delivers raw, powerful vocals to the accompaniment of hard driving guitar.

His repertoire is mainly rock and classic rock with a little bit of country and a few originals thrown into the mix, but all are in his signature, rocking style played on acoustic guitar… no backing tracks… all screw-ups are totally live! The crowd always has fun at a LaidBack Celt show, so come on out and have some fun!!!!

So, call your friends – come – enjoy – and be a part of it all....


Friday, October 5, 2012


Rock Doghouse will be jumping back onstage with his guitar and and piano and rocking you into the Saturday afternoon in style at 12PM. This professional singer/composer/songwriter knows no boundaries to swooning the ladies – so hold on tight guys and get dancing!

...and Sunday afternoons will never be the same after being spoiled by Marky Helstein's RL band - SONIX - will be playing a TWO HOUR show at The Amphitheater on Sunday 7th October at 2pm SLT in aid of the Feed-A-Smile program for Live and Learn in Kenya. LLK feeds and educates needy children in Kenya, and tries to ensure they have a positive future to look forward to. This is what makes being musicians worthwhile for us so please come join us for a couple of hours as we rock the living shit out of SL!! ... and yes, there WILL be Pink Floyd songs :))))

It’s going to be an awesome weekend folks!


Thursday, October 4, 2012


Slowly getting over the devastation of losing the Lavender Field after it poofed on Monday, September 24th was not quite as horrible as it could have been if it hadn’t been for all of the wonderful, generous and caring friends in Second Life. So many people offered their sims, venues, support and loving smiles! Even people that I hardly know – or didn’t know at all pitched in to help. The great news is – THERE WILL BE A NEW LAVENDER FIELD VERY SOON! Two fabulous and very generous people will be renting an entire sim – and if we’re lucky even the sim will be named Feed a Smile. It’ll take a bit to get things built and ready for action though. We are still striving for the most beautiful sim in SL – so we can’t rush the start too much. But you can be sure, we are going to have a grand opening to beat the band!!! So please stay tuned for more information about that. Until then we will be holding the Feed a Smile events at different venues. It’ll be at l’Eprit today. And people call Second Life a game...

And to all of you fabulous musicians out there – you know who I mean ;) - please let me know if you’ll be will to take part in the Grand opening celebration.


Those sweet, old hippie songs that Twostep Spiritweaver performs will sway you right into an absolutely peacefully beautiful hour of lovely music which will awaiting you at l'Esprit for Feed a Smile on Thursday, October 4th. The concert begins at 3PM. “All we need is love” and some Linden love for the kids in Kenya. Come join us and have a great time getting some kids in Kenya fed...

Have a listen while you’re waiting for it to finally be 3PM!

Twostep Spiritweaver on YouTube

Hope to see you at l’Esprit today.

Joy and Smiles!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well, as most of you have probably already heard, the Lavender Field for Feed a Smile went POOF on Monday – very surprisingly and totally without warning. I’m still in shock... Obviously there was a management/owner issue and OT Rentals closed down all of their sims – including the lovely and one-of-a-kind venue of Feed a Smile’s good friends at The Colour Factory. How sad is that...?! Well, it may have set us back pretty badly seeing as the sim was a donation – but we are very grateful to OT Rentals for the more than 2 years of kind and generous support.
We are searching for a new mainland sim donation.
We get up to 100 avatars visiting our events, so we need to be ready for them in a lag-free atmosphere... So please keep your ears and eyes open for us – and in case you happen to have a sim that needs a Lavender Field.... We need a new home for our wilting lavender ...

They don’t call me Brique for nothing! My mama always said “There she goes again putting her stubborn head through a brick wall” - which is how I got my nickname. I don’t give up so easily – and especially not with all of the wonderful SL friends supporting the cause! I’ve had many offers to use people’s land and venues for events until we have our own home again. Tiia from l’Esprit – whose tip jars are hooked right up to the Feed a Smile account – will be holding most of the events at her beautiful venue:
Huntly Post/108/204/31

Yesterday’s fabulous event with Lisa Brune, Maximillion Kleen and FunkyFreddy Republic triple-streaming was held at the awesome Portland Family venue – Tree of Lovers. It took in 266 meals. Marb and Tigger have offered the use of their spectacular venues with the words “We’re just an IM away!”. So thank you – asante sana – and kudos to all who have offered their assistance and support over the past 4 days. We still have a long road to the next Lavender Field – but we’ll get there.

In the meantime....

The one and only Twin Ghost Ronas and Quantamis Navarathna will be performing at l’Esprit for Feed a Smile on Friday the 28th – starting at 3PM slt.

... a highlight to be sure!

And then on Saturday the 29th....

The fabulous Roe Woodford, CEO/Executive Director ProFashion Productions has organized a fashion show at 12PM slt. You’ll need to contact her if you’d like to experience this amazing event. It is by invitation only!
Vikeejeah Xevion, Designer and Owner of the LD MAJOR Brand has graciously pledged to donate 100% of all proceeds of her exclusive new creation designed specifically for this event to benefit the cause.The fabulous outfit will be showcased on our runway and will be available for purchase at the event.The event takes place at our fabulous state of the art venue designed by their very own Locked Semaphore exclusively for this affair.

Ai Hienrichs
Anigma Eulenberg
Anjelica Carling
Brittainy Collins
Nemi McCoy

Music by the Amazing DJ Lynn Wylder

There’s no stopping our feeding the very needy children on the Live and Learn in Kenya International program... So, come and be a part of it all!

See you there.

Smiles and Happiness!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Mama Mia - What a special treat at the Lavender Field today... The ABBA Band will be performing all of those favorite songs of yours. So, get out your dancing shoes – jump on over to the Lavender Field to where The ABBA Band has their very own stage set up – and sing along as they take you on a trip back to Memory Lane.

The lovely Putri Solo will be following The ABBA Band on the main stage. If you haven’t heard Putri yet, then it’s time. She has the kind of crystal clear and lovely voice that you can never get enough of.

Have a listen:

I’m really looking forward to greeting you at the Lavender Field – so, come on over and be a part of it all – Feed a Smile.


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Grab your lunch and jump on over to the Lavender Field today at 12 noon! Wanna & Kaycee will be taking the stage with a lovely array of tunes that you’ll want to sing along – or at least hum along with. ChelseaM Noel begins her set at 1PM and you won’t want to miss hearing this fabulous voice again. She has a great selection of songs to please almost anyone! Then at 2PM cross over the bridge to the Kenya house campfire and enjoy an hour of storytelling in voice. Dubhna Rhiadra is a master weaver of tales and you won’t want to miss a moment. So, get ready for 3 lovely and relaxing hours at the Lavender Field today.

Wanna & Kaycee:

ChelseaM Noel:

I’m looking forward to greeting you at the Lavender Field. Let’s get some smiles fed!

Hugs and Smiles!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Well, here’s to the start of another awesome weekend... I don’t think I’ll even be able to get up for a food stop during the 6 hours of some of the most awesome music that Second Life has to offer on Saturday!
Starting at 12 noon with the fabulous Virtual Live Band, the main stage will be filled with musicians from around the world steaming in to the Lavender Field and for your enjoyment. By the way, the VLB performs around the grid – and always for Feed a Smile! They don’t even put out their own tip jar at concerts – just the one to feed smiles in Kenya. How awesome is that?!
Thanks to Malia Gustafson, owner of “LightNing StrikeS” The Blue's Brothers tribute band will be performing some awesome music. They want to know are you if you are ready to "Gimmie Some Lovin"! If you are, then come come down and "Shake a Tailfeather" with us as we do the "Jailhouse rock". Just remember "Everybody needs somebody to love", so grab your "Soul Man" or your sweet woman and let us "Groove you". “LightNing StrikeS” is a tribute band that is dedicated to bringing you some of the best live music on sl. They have a large selection of bands and would love to bring live music to your sim or club. So, come and experience The Blue’s Brothers and remember Malia Gustafson for bookings and a list of her bands. (whispers: hope we can get more of them at the Lavender Field...).
Eric Steffensen Mistwalker, Russell Eponym, DennyMac and Nick99 Razor are so well-known that you don’t even have to think about coming or not. They are truly excellent musicians who will – once again – be giving their all to collect smiles for the kids in Nakuru, Kenya. If by chance you don’t know them yet, you can check them out here – and if you do know them, you can have a listen to quicken your hearts and get your ears ready for an event that you won’t forget too quickly...

Virtual Live Band:

Eric Steffensen Mistwalker:


Russell Eponym:


DennyMac (aramanca) at Club RoCa Music Venue... von rpbizzle

Nick99 Razor:

Nick99 Razor at Izzy & Ish's Blues Cafe von rpbizzle

The Blue’s Brothers will be performing on their own stage at the Lavender Field here:

SLURL to the Event (Alison 56,205,22)

All other concerts will be held at the main stage:

SLURL to the Event (Alison 116,227,23)

I’m looking forward to greeting everyone to a ringside seat (or dance space) at the Lavender Field.

Don’t forget to smile!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


During Youngsta, Oopsee and Moni’s super 3-day event we hit the 7.5 million Lindens donated mark last night! That means a lot of smiles fed and a lot of smiles to be fed :) I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you – merci – danke – asante sana – to all of those wonderful and talented musicians, venue owners and friends who donate their time and energy to help provide these meals to the kids in Nakuru. They are truly blessed to have these wonderful people – and their fans - supporting them in this very special way.

Samm Qendra, Hellig Melson and Ren Enberg will be gracing our stage at the Lavender Field today – starting at 1PM.

Please join us for this lovely event with an atmosphere of loving and caring – and doing good and having a good time doing it! You can have a listen here:

Samm Qendra:

Hellig Melson:

Ren Enberg (aka Freestar Tammas):

Freestar Tammas at The Junkyard 12-18-2011 von rpbizzle

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Lavender Field.


Friday, September 7, 2012


Well, that was an experience.... If you weren’t there, you should have been – everyone else was... :) Mash, Twostep, Rara and Avant really had the crowd roaring – and donating meals!. 64 people joined us for the event and enough meals were donated to feed all of the 417 children on the Live and Learn in Kenya Int’l program for a day. Twostep performed his Feed a Smile song “High Time” - which got the donation box ringing. What fantastic musicians and fans...

Youngsta’s getting things going again!

Youngsta Tremmor is on a mission to get as many kids as possible fed – and she’s doing the Youngsta thing again this weekend. Three days of music, dancing, fun and meeting people await you on Moni’s Island on Saturday and Monday - and at the Lavender Field on Sunday.

DJs and Live Performers go hand in hand during these three awesome days of music. Don’t miss being a part of it all!

Here are a couple of links that may interest you:

Come and have a great time and BE the difference and have a great time doing it!!!

I hope to see you there.


Happiness and Smiles!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Oh, don’t you just love it... Those sweet, old hippie songs that take you way back? Four absolutely peacefully beautiful hours of just that kind of music awaits you at the Lavender Field on Thursday, September 6th. The event begins at 2PM. “All we need is love” and some Linden love for the kids in Kenya. Come join us and have a great time getting some kids in Kenya fed...

Have a listen while you’re waiting for it to finally be 2PM Thursday!

Mash Rhode on YouTube

Twostep Spiritweaver on YouTube

Rara Destiny on YouTube

AVANT on YouTube

Twostep wrote and composed the song High Time for Feed a Smile and his thoughts of how all children have the right to food. Have a listen here:

I am so looking forward to this awesome “groovy” event and I really hope to see you there and not just “Wishing You Were Here” :)


Peace and Love – and Smiles....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Wow – what a lineup today (and Thursday, but I’m not letting you in on that yet...)! The amazing Scofi Robson will be taking the stage at 1PM, followed by the just as amazing in female form, Lisa Brune. If you haven’t heard them yet – well where the heck have you been??? :)
If we’re really lucky – and I hope we will be – Funkyfreddy will jump on stage before Lisa gets off for a dual stream. They are awesome alone – but together... SUPER! Last but definitely not least, OneSummer Oh will be the last up taking the stage for her last concert for a couple of RL months. So, this event is very special in so many ways. I certainly wouldn’t want to miss it – but then again, I certainly won’t !

Another donation board has been placed at Acoustic Cave, on the Aisle of Azariah. It is a two-story live music venue which includes a main event floor, stage, bar, and dance area and a bar, greedy tables, games, and secluded dance areas on the second floor. Set in an old refurbished warehouse it is the perfect atmosphere for couples or singles! They have a great line-up of excellent live SL performers.

SLUR: Isle of Azariah 199/401/22.

The very friendly owners – Brandi and Max- and their staff is on hand to answer questions and make your experience as pleasant as possible. They have to be friendly and generous people to have a donation board up at their club :)

Stay tuned for the next blog all about the awesome, awesome event on Thursday – and then and entire 3-day weekend of hours and hours of Feed a Smile music events!

Sunshine and Smiles!
Brique. .....

Monday, September 3, 2012


Well, it looks like we will definitely be getting some smiles fed today (and tomorrow and Thursday - but more about that tomorrow!) We have a super lineup starting with our lovely friend Putri Solo at 1PM slt leading the way for the premiere performance of iCandy Overland ...and then the fabulous guitar and voice of the one and only Mamaa Saiz.

Please join us and have a great time being a part of it all.

...another donation board at still another new venue :)

After setting up the donation board at Wharf Café and Beach Venue, Jensmith introduced me to her friends at the Wild Girls MC sim.
Wow, I’d never seen anything like it before. Jump on your motorcycle and race along the tracks on the Barefoot Pass.

SLURL: Wild Girls 173/165/787

Then have a good time at the The Wild Girl’s. I was fascinated with the landscaping and the lovely women running the sim, Leela Juventa and Pat Footpad.

SLURL: Wild Girls 80/55/23

I hope to be greeting you at the Lavender Field today for some fun – music and dancing!

Have a happy smile!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Well, you won't want to miss this event. Two of our dear friends and constant supporters - Rock Doghouse and Mike Carnell - will be performing their awesome music AND we have two premiers at the Lavender Field today as well. Mick Morpork is certainly well-known in SL, so you probably know what's coming - but SwedyBird is a newcomer to the SL music scene. She's a northern Californian living in Sweden with a voice to swoon you... So come on over and enjoy the music and BE a difference!


During a very, very good concert featuring our dear friend, Laura Savio, at the Wharf Café and Beach Venue I spoke to the venue owner - Jensmith - about the possibility of setting up a donation board for Feed a Smile - and she agreed right away. So, when you're not at the Lavender Field - then jump on over to Wharf Café and Beach Venue and enjoy the music and people and friendly management!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and don't forget to smile.

Hugs and Smiles!

PS. Stay tuned for the next blog. There are some awesome events coming up next week – and I really mean awesome as in “to be in awe” about!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Quite a few venues across the grid have Feed a Smile donation boards up all the time - and many venue owners even organize Feed a Smile events at their clubs and stores. Kudos to them all!!! There is an absolutely GORGEOUS new venue opening up today called l'Esprit and is owned by Tia (tiia.pyrithea). She asked to have a donation board set up - and I jumped right on over :) It is truly a beautiful place to be. Makes me want to talk about renovating again... (wink wink Maria :)). Come and check it out. Besides being stellar - the lineup for the grand opening today is great: Russell Eponym cuts the ribbon at 3PM and then starting at 6PM - Beth Odets, Woodsong, Bluemonk Rau and then KatRose Serendipity closes the opening (nice play with words...) You'll want to be there and feel that lovely feeling - and of course show some Linden love to the kids in Kenya - and to the venue.

l'Esprit (Huntly Post/100/198/31)

The next event at the Lavender Field will be on Thursday, August 30th. The moon is almost full and Lani Obama, Aminius Writer and Mojopolis will be singing to it. You won't want to miss this super awesome event - especially since it will be Aminius' last waltz before jumping into RL for 3 Aminiusless weeks.... So, take the black horse-driven chariot to the Lavender Field on Thursday at 11AM slt - and set your viewer to midnight!

Lavender Field (Alison/110/220/23)

Have a great day/night and hope to see you at l'Esprit later and at the Lavender Field on Thursday

Have a happy smile!

PS. I'll post a full list of venues that have set up a Feed a Smile donation board very soon. Any venue owners who are interested in setting one up - please contact me at:

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Well, it's time to get things going again. The lavender at the Lavender Field has had a week to grow while I was busy being in RL. We're getting things going in a very nice way starting on Monday, August 27th with Laralette Lane singing her lovely heart out for the kids at noon

- followed by Putri Solo with her strong, lovely and passionate voice at 1PM

...and then at 2PM RICK Ugh Yeu - who has been away from the grid for a few months - will be getting his feet wet again and jumping into some lovely songs for us.

Join us for 3 hours of fun and dancing and lots of singing along into your hairbrush :)

Sunshine and Smiles!