Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Wow – what a lineup today (and Thursday, but I’m not letting you in on that yet...)! The amazing Scofi Robson will be taking the stage at 1PM, followed by the just as amazing in female form, Lisa Brune. If you haven’t heard them yet – well where the heck have you been??? :)
If we’re really lucky – and I hope we will be – Funkyfreddy will jump on stage before Lisa gets off for a dual stream. They are awesome alone – but together... SUPER! Last but definitely not least, OneSummer Oh will be the last up taking the stage for her last concert for a couple of RL months. So, this event is very special in so many ways. I certainly wouldn’t want to miss it – but then again, I certainly won’t !

Another donation board has been placed at Acoustic Cave, on the Aisle of Azariah. It is a two-story live music venue which includes a main event floor, stage, bar, and dance area and a bar, greedy tables, games, and secluded dance areas on the second floor. Set in an old refurbished warehouse it is the perfect atmosphere for couples or singles! They have a great line-up of excellent live SL performers.

SLUR: Isle of Azariah 199/401/22.

The very friendly owners – Brandi and Max- and their staff is on hand to answer questions and make your experience as pleasant as possible. They have to be friendly and generous people to have a donation board up at their club :)

Stay tuned for the next blog all about the awesome, awesome event on Thursday – and then and entire 3-day weekend of hours and hours of Feed a Smile music events!

Sunshine and Smiles!
Brique. .....

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