Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Quite a few venues across the grid have Feed a Smile donation boards up all the time - and many venue owners even organize Feed a Smile events at their clubs and stores. Kudos to them all!!! There is an absolutely GORGEOUS new venue opening up today called l'Esprit and is owned by Tia (tiia.pyrithea). She asked to have a donation board set up - and I jumped right on over :) It is truly a beautiful place to be. Makes me want to talk about renovating again... (wink wink Maria :)). Come and check it out. Besides being stellar - the lineup for the grand opening today is great: Russell Eponym cuts the ribbon at 3PM and then starting at 6PM - Beth Odets, Woodsong, Bluemonk Rau and then KatRose Serendipity closes the opening (nice play with words...) You'll want to be there and feel that lovely feeling - and of course show some Linden love to the kids in Kenya - and to the venue.

l'Esprit (Huntly Post/100/198/31)

The next event at the Lavender Field will be on Thursday, August 30th. The moon is almost full and Lani Obama, Aminius Writer and Mojopolis will be singing to it. You won't want to miss this super awesome event - especially since it will be Aminius' last waltz before jumping into RL for 3 Aminiusless weeks.... So, take the black horse-driven chariot to the Lavender Field on Thursday at 11AM slt - and set your viewer to midnight!

Lavender Field (Alison/110/220/23)

Have a great day/night and hope to see you at l'Esprit later and at the Lavender Field on Thursday

Have a happy smile!

PS. I'll post a full list of venues that have set up a Feed a Smile donation board very soon. Any venue owners who are interested in setting one up - please contact me at: info@llk-selb.de

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Well, it's time to get things going again. The lavender at the Lavender Field has had a week to grow while I was busy being in RL. We're getting things going in a very nice way starting on Monday, August 27th with Laralette Lane singing her lovely heart out for the kids at noon

- followed by Putri Solo with her strong, lovely and passionate voice at 1PM

...and then at 2PM RICK Ugh Yeu - who has been away from the grid for a few months - will be getting his feet wet again and jumping into some lovely songs for us.

Join us for 3 hours of fun and dancing and lots of singing along into your hairbrush :)

Sunshine and Smiles!


Thursday, August 16, 2012


I hope you'll join us as Aminius, Chelsea, Mar Biddle and Dubhna take the stage to raise some funds for very real meals for very, very real and poor children on the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l program. I'm sure you've heard these fabulous musicians already - and if not - well, it's about time folks.

...and if that isn't enough of extra special musicians - well then take a look at Friday's event. Starting at 4PM with Big Daddy Blues - Tone Uriza - who will knock you off your feet with his awesome set - then - Chapman Zane - careful guys, hold your ladies tight ;) - then the beauties of the fiddle and vocals from Beth Odets and to top it all off with whipped cream and cherry - TwinGhost Ronas! Oh - don't miss it!


Youngsta Tremmor rocks! And she's on a mission to be sure - and it's to feed as many Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l kids for as many days as possible! YES she and her friends can! Kudos to all of the awesome DJs and musicians taking part in this 3-day charity event - and of course to Youngsta and her friends. It is going to be outrageously awesome.....

I hope to see you at the Lavender Field today.

Have a happy!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Well, the kids in Kenya once again enjoyed two days of awesome meals through Feed a Smile – and now that the school break has begun there, they will be at the Live and Learn in Kenya Int’l compound 5 days the week for meals for the next 3 weeks. So, we have to keep those meals coming in...

The first photos are from the meal – from Saturday, August 11th - sponsored by the LA event, organized by Nhaomi and Zara – the second group of photos are from today’s meal – sponsored by the Virtual Live Band. 417 children receive meals on a daily basis through Live and Learn in Kenya Int’l – and Feed a Smile has become a substantial support in feeding all of these children on weekends and during school breaks. It’s hard to imagine how important Second Life can really be until you look at these photos... I’ve been doing this for 11 years now – and I still get goose bumps sometimes when I look at these photos. A big THANK YOU goes out to my brother Jamie who manages the VLB. Kudos to you, bro!

Well, we’re not stopping there of course...

Monday afternoon at the Lavender Field for Feed a Smile will be special. Laralette will start the event with her awesome singing – Kristopher Walpole takes the stage right after her and then the fabulous Shannon – followed by Kevin. Great friends – great musicians – doing great things...

Come and enjoy and BE a part of it all!

Have a happy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

...And The Weekend Magic Goes On...

After a nice total of 200 meals from yesterday's event, the magic goes on with a colorful array of great musicians performing for meals for the kids.

Rock Doghouse and Shannon Oherlihy are "old hats" at the Lavender Field and have been supporting the cause with their extremely professional music for almost 2 years now - but Gravey will be premiering at the Lavender Field today - and you won't want to miss that. So get your dancing shoes shoes on and jump on over for 3 hours of some of the best doing their best for a great cause.

See you there.

Have a happy!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Kicking Off the Weekend in Style!

Ahhh let's start off with some tender loving care and not just jump right in - the weekend is long and hot and getting even hotter....
James Corachea will be starting off the Friday event at the Lavender Field with his awesome and relaxing set of originals and covers. Not many guitarist can even imagine playing like him... I've even heard another very awesome guitarist saying "Hey James, you sound better when you're tuning your guitar than I do when I’m playing it"! So, you won't want to miss him...
Well, then there's Beth... Besides being a fabulous fiddler on the roof and elsewhere - she is so funny she'll knock you right of the roof.
The Virtual Live Band will rock your feet off and Quinton will have you putting them up on your desk and snapping your fingers...
And then comes DennyMac – swoon – swoon – swoon... Hold on to your ladies guys!

All in all – not an event you’ll want to miss. So, jump on over to the Lavender Field and BE the difference – and have a great time doing it!!!

Have a happy!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Super Event - Super Success

What a super event. The Los Angeles Club was the venue to a Feed a Smile event on Friday and Saturday that went on for hours and hours - and was a super success. Motorcycles and Tattoos were passed out for donations and fabulous musicians and DJs kept people screaming for more and dancing their pixel feet sore ;)

The results after the last song was played was more than amazing - 1711 meals were donated for the kids in Kenya! That's a lot of full tummies and smiles!

A huge, huge asante sana - thank you - to Nhaomi Morrisey and Zara Yip for their hard work and planning for this event.

...and a little bird has tweeted in my ear.... they're already making plans for a huge Christmas event complete with surprises under the Christmas tree... Shhhhhhhhh!!!

When Second Life mixes with Real Life - that can really be a double boom. That's what happened this past weekend when Gwyn Oh travelled across Germany to help out at the Festival of Porcelain here in Selb. Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l organized ist annual porcelain raffle with fabulous prizes, a porcelain memory game and coffee for Kenya (buy a cup of coffee and keep the porcelain cup) and topped it off with a belly dancing Porcelain Queen - the former Porcelain Queens joined in at the end - and then passed the bowls around for donations. The event took in funds to pay for 4666 meals for the kids in Kenya - and was so much fun. Especially the barbeque party to thank all of the hard workers. By the way - Selb is the town where LLK is located and is also the "City of Porcelain" in Germany. It's worth a visit!

Monday's event at the Lavender Field was awesome. Lani couldn't make it - but Putri and OneSummer really called in a super crowd of generous people who had a great time BEING a difference.

There's a lot going on - but there's a whole lot more to come - especially this coming Thursday. But I'll tell you about that next time.

Have a happy!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Good day everyone - and what a good day it is. Feed a Smile has hit the 7 million Lindens mark today. That means that we have been able to feed 70 thousand smiles in the past 2 years through your kindness and generosity - and tons of talent from the wonderful musicians, storytellers and artists that have performed either at the Lavender Field or at one of the many other fabulous venues that organized Feed a Smile events.

A huge Asante Sana - thank you very much.

So, and now on to 8 million ;)

Hope to see you at the event today.

The Lavender Field - Where events make sense - Feed a Smile

Have a happy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Almost 70.000 Smiles Fed

You can imagine how thankful the children are for all of these wonderful meals that they are receiving through Second Life. The children have received nearly 70.000 meals in just a bit over 2 years. Sounds like an awful lot - but when you're feeding between 400 and 500 children on a daily basis, it is about a third of the meals provided. So, we may be very successful with our Feed a Smile project in SL - but we still a long way to go...

So, let's get back to work on Thursday ;) There's another awesome 4-hour event coming up and starting at 12 PM with Aminius Writer - Lyric Serendipity - Dubhna Rhiadra telling her stories at the Campfire in front of the Kenya House and last but certainly not least, Twostep Spiritweaver ( I sure hope he performs his fabulous Feed a Smile song again - High Time ).

Let's hit that 7 million Linden mark this week! We can do it - YES, we can!
The Lavender Field - Where events make sense - Feed a Smile

Have a happy!