Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Almost 70.000 Smiles Fed

You can imagine how thankful the children are for all of these wonderful meals that they are receiving through Second Life. The children have received nearly 70.000 meals in just a bit over 2 years. Sounds like an awful lot - but when you're feeding between 400 and 500 children on a daily basis, it is about a third of the meals provided. So, we may be very successful with our Feed a Smile project in SL - but we still a long way to go...

So, let's get back to work on Thursday ;) There's another awesome 4-hour event coming up and starting at 12 PM with Aminius Writer - Lyric Serendipity - Dubhna Rhiadra telling her stories at the Campfire in front of the Kenya House and last but certainly not least, Twostep Spiritweaver ( I sure hope he performs his fabulous Feed a Smile song again - High Time ).

Let's hit that 7 million Linden mark this week! We can do it - YES, we can!
The Lavender Field - Where events make sense - Feed a Smile

Have a happy!

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