Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Super Event - Super Success

What a super event. The Los Angeles Club was the venue to a Feed a Smile event on Friday and Saturday that went on for hours and hours - and was a super success. Motorcycles and Tattoos were passed out for donations and fabulous musicians and DJs kept people screaming for more and dancing their pixel feet sore ;)

The results after the last song was played was more than amazing - 1711 meals were donated for the kids in Kenya! That's a lot of full tummies and smiles!

A huge, huge asante sana - thank you - to Nhaomi Morrisey and Zara Yip for their hard work and planning for this event.

...and a little bird has tweeted in my ear.... they're already making plans for a huge Christmas event complete with surprises under the Christmas tree... Shhhhhhhhh!!!

When Second Life mixes with Real Life - that can really be a double boom. That's what happened this past weekend when Gwyn Oh travelled across Germany to help out at the Festival of Porcelain here in Selb. Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l organized ist annual porcelain raffle with fabulous prizes, a porcelain memory game and coffee for Kenya (buy a cup of coffee and keep the porcelain cup) and topped it off with a belly dancing Porcelain Queen - the former Porcelain Queens joined in at the end - and then passed the bowls around for donations. The event took in funds to pay for 4666 meals for the kids in Kenya - and was so much fun. Especially the barbeque party to thank all of the hard workers. By the way - Selb is the town where LLK is located and is also the "City of Porcelain" in Germany. It's worth a visit!

Monday's event at the Lavender Field was awesome. Lani couldn't make it - but Putri and OneSummer really called in a super crowd of generous people who had a great time BEING a difference.

There's a lot going on - but there's a whole lot more to come - especially this coming Thursday. But I'll tell you about that next time.

Have a happy!

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