Friday, August 10, 2012

Kicking Off the Weekend in Style!

Ahhh let's start off with some tender loving care and not just jump right in - the weekend is long and hot and getting even hotter....
James Corachea will be starting off the Friday event at the Lavender Field with his awesome and relaxing set of originals and covers. Not many guitarist can even imagine playing like him... I've even heard another very awesome guitarist saying "Hey James, you sound better when you're tuning your guitar than I do when I’m playing it"! So, you won't want to miss him...
Well, then there's Beth... Besides being a fabulous fiddler on the roof and elsewhere - she is so funny she'll knock you right of the roof.
The Virtual Live Band will rock your feet off and Quinton will have you putting them up on your desk and snapping your fingers...
And then comes DennyMac – swoon – swoon – swoon... Hold on to your ladies guys!

All in all – not an event you’ll want to miss. So, jump on over to the Lavender Field and BE the difference – and have a great time doing it!!!

Have a happy!


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