Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well, as most of you have probably already heard, the Lavender Field for Feed a Smile went POOF on Monday – very surprisingly and totally without warning. I’m still in shock... Obviously there was a management/owner issue and OT Rentals closed down all of their sims – including the lovely and one-of-a-kind venue of Feed a Smile’s good friends at The Colour Factory. How sad is that...?! Well, it may have set us back pretty badly seeing as the sim was a donation – but we are very grateful to OT Rentals for the more than 2 years of kind and generous support.
We are searching for a new mainland sim donation.
We get up to 100 avatars visiting our events, so we need to be ready for them in a lag-free atmosphere... So please keep your ears and eyes open for us – and in case you happen to have a sim that needs a Lavender Field.... We need a new home for our wilting lavender ...

They don’t call me Brique for nothing! My mama always said “There she goes again putting her stubborn head through a brick wall” - which is how I got my nickname. I don’t give up so easily – and especially not with all of the wonderful SL friends supporting the cause! I’ve had many offers to use people’s land and venues for events until we have our own home again. Tiia from l’Esprit – whose tip jars are hooked right up to the Feed a Smile account – will be holding most of the events at her beautiful venue:
Huntly Post/108/204/31

Yesterday’s fabulous event with Lisa Brune, Maximillion Kleen and FunkyFreddy Republic triple-streaming was held at the awesome Portland Family venue – Tree of Lovers. It took in 266 meals. Marb and Tigger have offered the use of their spectacular venues with the words “We’re just an IM away!”. So thank you – asante sana – and kudos to all who have offered their assistance and support over the past 4 days. We still have a long road to the next Lavender Field – but we’ll get there.

In the meantime....

The one and only Twin Ghost Ronas and Quantamis Navarathna will be performing at l’Esprit for Feed a Smile on Friday the 28th – starting at 3PM slt.

... a highlight to be sure!

And then on Saturday the 29th....

The fabulous Roe Woodford, CEO/Executive Director ProFashion Productions has organized a fashion show at 12PM slt. You’ll need to contact her if you’d like to experience this amazing event. It is by invitation only!
Vikeejeah Xevion, Designer and Owner of the LD MAJOR Brand has graciously pledged to donate 100% of all proceeds of her exclusive new creation designed specifically for this event to benefit the cause.The fabulous outfit will be showcased on our runway and will be available for purchase at the event.The event takes place at our fabulous state of the art venue designed by their very own Locked Semaphore exclusively for this affair.

Ai Hienrichs
Anigma Eulenberg
Anjelica Carling
Brittainy Collins
Nemi McCoy

Music by the Amazing DJ Lynn Wylder

There’s no stopping our feeding the very needy children on the Live and Learn in Kenya International program... So, come and be a part of it all!

See you there.

Smiles and Happiness!

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