Thursday, October 4, 2012


Slowly getting over the devastation of losing the Lavender Field after it poofed on Monday, September 24th was not quite as horrible as it could have been if it hadn’t been for all of the wonderful, generous and caring friends in Second Life. So many people offered their sims, venues, support and loving smiles! Even people that I hardly know – or didn’t know at all pitched in to help. The great news is – THERE WILL BE A NEW LAVENDER FIELD VERY SOON! Two fabulous and very generous people will be renting an entire sim – and if we’re lucky even the sim will be named Feed a Smile. It’ll take a bit to get things built and ready for action though. We are still striving for the most beautiful sim in SL – so we can’t rush the start too much. But you can be sure, we are going to have a grand opening to beat the band!!! So please stay tuned for more information about that. Until then we will be holding the Feed a Smile events at different venues. It’ll be at l’Eprit today. And people call Second Life a game...

And to all of you fabulous musicians out there – you know who I mean ;) - please let me know if you’ll be will to take part in the Grand opening celebration.


Those sweet, old hippie songs that Twostep Spiritweaver performs will sway you right into an absolutely peacefully beautiful hour of lovely music which will awaiting you at l'Esprit for Feed a Smile on Thursday, October 4th. The concert begins at 3PM. “All we need is love” and some Linden love for the kids in Kenya. Come join us and have a great time getting some kids in Kenya fed...

Have a listen while you’re waiting for it to finally be 3PM!

Twostep Spiritweaver on YouTube

Hope to see you at l’Esprit today.

Joy and Smiles!

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