Friday, October 5, 2012


Rock Doghouse will be jumping back onstage with his guitar and and piano and rocking you into the Saturday afternoon in style at 12PM. This professional singer/composer/songwriter knows no boundaries to swooning the ladies – so hold on tight guys and get dancing!

...and Sunday afternoons will never be the same after being spoiled by Marky Helstein's RL band - SONIX - will be playing a TWO HOUR show at The Amphitheater on Sunday 7th October at 2pm SLT in aid of the Feed-A-Smile program for Live and Learn in Kenya. LLK feeds and educates needy children in Kenya, and tries to ensure they have a positive future to look forward to. This is what makes being musicians worthwhile for us so please come join us for a couple of hours as we rock the living shit out of SL!! ... and yes, there WILL be Pink Floyd songs :))))

It’s going to be an awesome weekend folks!


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