Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Half-time! Success or not?

Well it depends on what you would call a success and also whom you will ask. Don't get me wrong, every Dollar for the children in Kenya is already a success and I am very happy with what we already have at this time which btw is Linden$ 196,144. So I see it with one crying and one smiling eye at the moment.

On the good side we can feed the kids for a few days.

The party's on the venue are always busy. The donations from being at the live singers and DJ area is almost half of the total donations. I am sure many many clubs in SL would be very happy with our traffic and with how the partys are going.

Responsible for the success on this side of the Feed-a-Smile event is in the first place Chriscloud Loon but there are few more who started as a visitor or DJ and got really involved with the event.

We don't have the time to be at many of these party's but there is one Lady who spends a lot of time to keep the party's going. She is also DJing a lot and she is a very good DJ at that. Her name is DJ RAS Mills and if you have a club or a music venue then I would advise you to remember this name. She will fill your dancefloor with many people and with a very jolly atmosphere.

The fashion shows are also a success. We saw a lot of fashion shows in SL and most were not so busy or well organizised as ours have been so far. This is as I already told you the teamwork of Mellificent Juneberry and Nikki Heron and all of the professional fashion team. This reminds me, don't forget to come over today at 8PM to see a wonderful shows.

We all feel proud and happy with what we did.

On the other side there is the crying eye.

We set a high goal and a mission. Our goal was to get about 12,000 meals which will not be possible but also there was our mission to make the venue an information path for the work of Live and Learn in Kenya and maybe to find a few sponsors for the children. This part of the event may as well be invisible to the public as well as the work of our kind sponsors.

We feel we may have failed to promote the event for what it is really for. There should be hundreds of sales from the donator's vendors each day and many many people should be looking around the venue each day. Every day when I do a Google search to see what news about the event is out there. I could kick myself in my backside. There is nothing really. I do however thank the bloggers who did a post, they are really nice and lovely made posts, but that is not enough. It is not that we didn't ask many bloggers, magazines and all that, but maybe we missed making it interesting enough for them.

The lesson is clear. We are very happy this event is not a total flop which easily and very often happens in SL and more importently, we will be able to feed the children for a few days. But for the future I know what we have to do differently. Events are a really hard job and a fulltime job at that, and the only thing that helped us carry on was the thought of the childrens smiles.

So dear reader, please help us to make the Feed-a-Smile event a more successful event. Come over to the venue and have a REAL look around. We are sure there is something in one of the many donation vendors that you will like. There is also an section with wonderful art as well as a hut with information on how to sponsor a child. This one is something very important to us, this event is only a temporary help but sponsoring a child will help the child to grow up and to have a future. And it will not cost more then US$ 250/year for the sponsor.

Edit to Add:
Well I just finished this post when I had another look at the blogs and found that Sonicity Fitzroy just a few minutes ago was blogging about the event in the BOSL blog

We will thank all the kind bloggers who was blogging about the event. You all are a big part of the success of the Feed-a-Smile 2010 Charity Event and a lot of the childrens smiles are for you.

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