Saturday, July 17, 2010

"And now the end is near"

Well the time is nearing its end for our event.

I think we can all safely say we are very very tired :-) Chris has worked almost non stop with the entertainment side of things, Brique has been a great hostess and PR and Georg who I must say rarely gets a mention has worked tirelessly behind the scenes making sure scripts are working, fixing bugs, blogging, PR, making sure entertainers have they're streams set up as well as a constant presence at events, even to the stage where he has danced alone on the dance floor with entertainers so they had an audience until the event got warmed up. So I for one would like to give my husband a big extra hug and kisses for all he has done.

At 10am this morning SL time a tribute to Michael Jackson is being performed. I cant wait for this as I love his songs so come along if you can, I am sure it shall be wonderful.

U2 in SL will then perform the last major gig at midday at the "Dragonmoon sim" and then its back to our venue for the closing party which shall finish at..hmm who knows! :-)

A wonderful motorbike that was donated to us shall be raffled off today and the winner announced tomorrow. So please help us feed some more smile as we end this wonderful week long event. It has been great, tiring but with some lovely memories and support.

Your feed a smile team

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