Saturday, July 3, 2010

BD Design

Well it is quite hard work getting the event together and we spend almost every minute in SL for the event.
Our own designing and work for our Shop is a little slower than normal so we do apologize to our customers for that. Nikki is really working hard to keep the shop up to date as well as everything else that is happening.
Don't get us wrong though! We love doing this and it is for a very good cause, however the blogging about the sponsors and about the event itself is not going as fast and detailed as it should be. If there are any bloggers reading this and are willing to do at least one post each day for us, please send us an IM.

Sorry, I somewhat strayed from the topic :-)

OK! back to our kind sponsors. Today we introduce BD Design.
The owner and designer of BD Design is Briher Destiny from Denmark. She did a beautiful job designing a Safari outfit with the possibility to variate it in many ways. And look how many accessories she is giving with this outfit, this is a real bargain.

Her shops for the men and the ladies are angerdnet opposite with a nice square between. The shops are very neatly arranged and clear for all to see. Her designs are of high quality.

Thanks for your kind donation Briher. We hope it makes you smile while your outfits will generate a lot of smiles on the children faces.

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