Monday, July 19, 2010

Fact and Figures :-)

555 different donors spent the total amount of L$ 332,239 which is atm US$ 1,240 for the Feed-a-Smile event.

So every donor donated L$598 on average

16 generous donators donated L$5,000 and more during the event

This means 3322 meals for the children in Kenya which in turn is 7 days of warm meals for all 466 children.

L$189,772 was donated via the donation boxes and the raffle at the venue

L$89,527 was donated by purchasing from the donation vendors of our sponsors

L$50,410 was donated at the U2 concert at Dragon moon sim

L$2,530 are from different donation boxes around the grid

For the raffle prize the dress had 12 tickets sell and for the bike had 14 tickets sell at L$100 per ticket.

We had 93 hours of live music at the venue, that is more then 10 hours every day

23 different DJs streamed 71 hours music

20 live singers and tribute bands had 22 hours of entertainment

There were 5 fashion shows with 24 models and 8 designers involved

On the official landing point was 1032 people landing, but most visitors landed at the dance floor or at the runway. We haven't scanned the whole venue so the total number of visitors is unknown.

At the fashion shows and some of the live shows we had, at times, more then 50 people on the venue and the lag was still very managable.

All in all, a wonderful job done by a great team and a big warm thankyou to everyone who made a donation and/or supported us

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