Monday, July 30, 2012


If I thought I was amazed yesterday – well I’m stunned today. What better way is there to wake up in Europe and find that people were partying and donating the night away in Second Life as I unknowingly slept??? And donate they did – 127,950 Lindens have been donated during the event since Saturday. That’s 3 full days of meals for all of the kids on the Live and Learn in Kenya Int’l program.
The event goes on today, starting at 12PM slt – and going on until 2AM!!!
What a dream team!. Here’s the Slurl:
Monnnies Island/196/111/1279

Two awesome musicians will be playing for meals at the Lavender Field on Tuesday morning starting at 10AM with Ronnie Mayes and then David Perdu. What a way to start the day...

...and just so you can mark it on your calendar – Keep August 3rd and 4th highlighted because there will be one heck of a highlight at LA for Feed a Smile Tattood for Food. Super music and super nice people.

Come - enjoy - and BE the difference!
The Lavender Field - Where events make sense - Feed a Smile Alison/107/224/23

Get ready to party and have a great time BEING the difference.

Have a happy!

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