Monday, July 16, 2012

What a weekend!

What a weekend! Celebration over celebration for Feed a Smile’s 2nd anniversary and the meals came rolling in...

Phoenix Viewer posted the Feed a Smile anniversary event at the Lavender Field on their greeting message – and voilà, so many new faces at the Lavender Field like never before. After 16 hours of live music at its best, we were able to smile at the proud sum of 117,305 Lindens – which means all of the kids on the Live and Learn in Kenya Int’l program will be receiving 3 full day of meals – and then some...

Angel’s Beach Club had an event going for Feed a Smile at the same time and took in 16,900 Linden – 169 meals for the kids.

Brews and Blues had a tribute event in honor of Kelvinblue Oh’s passing last year and took in donations for 154 meals.

All in all – with donations coming in from The Virtual Live Band concert on Friday, donation boards at Key West, Menstuff/Womenstuff Lounge, Deviant, Booyaka!

The colour Factory, Lion, Nudist Paradise, House of Arts and Atlanta the weekend’s activities means 1,768 meals for the kids – that’s 3 1/2 days of meals for all of the kids. How awesome is that.

And there are plenty of event to follow.

There is an event at the Lavender Field today with Quinton Whitman and Zak Claxton starting at 2PM.

Booyaka! Is planning a huge 2-day charity event for Feed a Smile starting on the 29th called FEED THE KIDS EVENT.

LA is planning another huge event on August 3rd – all to celebrate the anniversary.

Well – we won’t stop there – so stay tuned to the new blogspot updates coming your way.

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