Friday, July 27, 2012

Surprise poster from OneSummer O'Neal :)

Some days just start out lovely...
The sun is shining - the birds are singing - it's Friday - and to top it off I log into Facebook and find this lovely surprise poster, created by OneSummer O'Neal. She, of course, isn't just an outstanding poster creator - she's an outstanding singer. So, let's hope we can get her to the Lavender Field again very soon.... Hear that Summer??? :)

This weekend is filled with music and lots of Feed a Smile love. Youngsta and Frontline are on a mission to get our donation boards to as many venues as possible. So, we are moving along well and smiles are being fed. If you have a venue and would like to promote Feed a Smile by putting up a donation board and/or organize an event - just let me know.

Have a happy!

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