Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Oh, don’t you just love it... Those sweet, old hippie songs that take you way back? Four absolutely peacefully beautiful hours of just that kind of music awaits you at the Lavender Field on Thursday, September 6th. The event begins at 2PM. “All we need is love” and some Linden love for the kids in Kenya. Come join us and have a great time getting some kids in Kenya fed...

Have a listen while you’re waiting for it to finally be 2PM Thursday!

Mash Rhode on YouTube

Twostep Spiritweaver on YouTube

Rara Destiny on YouTube

AVANT on YouTube

Twostep wrote and composed the song High Time for Feed a Smile and his thoughts of how all children have the right to food. Have a listen here:

I am so looking forward to this awesome “groovy” event and I really hope to see you there and not just “Wishing You Were Here” :)


Peace and Love – and Smiles....

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