Monday, July 19, 2010

A Spectacular Finale!

A wonderful sponsor of ours as well as friend and dear customer, Lagu Indigo, put on a beautiful show for us at the closing. The lighting effects were pure magic. She must have put some hard work into it as the effects synchronised beautifully with the music and her angelic moves on the stage. The theme was angels which was fitting for the end of the event and I was mesmerized as were everyone else for the duration. At the end she told us her friend who is away at the moment normally performs too and she has half the show with her! Half the show? Wow, if this was only half I wonder what the full is like! We are thrilled to hear she has offered to do her show at our anniversary celebration on Tuesday.

Thankyou so much Lagu, your show was pure and angelic and we enjoyed it very very much.

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