Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BoHo HoBo Couture

Another wonderful sponsor's donation vendor that is already up and running is the Vendor of BoHo HoBo Couture. Trill Zapatero, who is the owner and designer of BoHo, has made a nice colourful jeans set with top and scarf. The texture of the pants seems to be inspired by her paintings as Trill is an artist. You can see a few of her acrylic and collage paintings on her Flickr page.

Trill’s shop is not a shop as such, as she is not making any profit of her sales, all proceeds are going to the Central Asia Institute.

I am sure her nice set will generate a lot of meals. We also endeavour to show some her of paintings at the venue.

Thanks for this lovely and kind donation Trill.

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