Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feed a Smile 2010 :-)

Organizing of the "Feed a smile 2010" event is now in full swing. We have been so fortunate to find some wonderful content creators to sponsor and support us. We are still currently searching more as we would love this to be an event to remember.

This event shall be held from 10th July until the 18th July 2010, and during these days we shall have some full on entertainment such as special sales, auctions, freebies, fashion shows and live entertainment (U2 in SL has agreed to perform for us :-)).

Every L$100 raised is enough to give one child, one meal, (LLK have around 500 children in this project)

How does it work?

We are seeking donations of possibly "one off" designs (although we would be grateful for any donation) for the feed a smile event that can be sold and 100% of the proceeds sent to the charity.
Special Vendors will be given out to the donating content creators from the 2nd week in June in which they can place the donated item, with the permissions of their choice, and the picture and a LM and info about their business.
The Vendor is then rezzed at our event place. Whenever somebody makes a purchase the money will go first to the owner of the vendor but because the split will be set to 100% the amount will then automatically be transferred to to Brique Topaz for the charity funds.

Who is involved so far?

WAVEN CAJUN - Geof Romano

SF Design - swaffette Firefly

Sascha's Designs - Sascha Frangilli

MyAnimation - Ramona Criss

Moonbeam Fashion - Miria Moonbeam

Lagu Indigo - Lagu Indigo

JAZMYN D - Jazmyn Diesel

Coe Dust Designs - Kandi Coeyman

Caladesi Island Company - Dustine Underwood

BoHo HoBo Couture - Trill Zapatero

Bliss Couture - Amutey DeCuir

BD Fashions - Briher Destiny

ADORED - AmySue Shirakawa

Algezares Designs - Algezares Magic

Cecile immo - cecilia Levasseur

L&B Black Label - Laura18 Streeter

Lagu Arts - Lagu Indigo

MB Colordream - Maria Binder

Papermoon - Giulia Janus

We are so grateful to these sponsors for they're time and effort they will be putting into this, thankyou for helping "Feed a smile"

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